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Dr. Vladimir B. Il'in
Astronomical Institute Phone: +7 (812) 4284263
St.Petersburg University Fax: +7 (812) 4287129
Universitetskij pr., 28        
198504 St.Petersburg e-mail: vi2087@vi2087.spb.edu

Dear visiter,
I will be happy if my collection of astrolinks is helpful to you. Before you go further I would like to make a few comments:
1. My collection of links is always under construction. That would not be bad unless I do it permanently, but I cannot. Therefore, you may meet "dead" links as well as links to wrong resources, sorry.
2. I am afraid my scientific interests affect the page content too strongly. I try to avoid this and hope to meet your understanding.
3. If you (do not) like my work, please make a note in my guestbook at the very bottom of the page. To some extent, I develop it also for you, unknown visiter, to have a useful tool.
With best wishes, V.I.

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