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Full-text Papers in Electronic Journals

Important note:  Please keep in mind that a "without-a-break" downloading of all papers in an issue of any electronic journal can cause closing our access to all electronic journals of the publishing company for a very long time!!!   [This rule is included in the agreements with the companies and is checking by them!]

General information:
Our Institute has got electronic access to over 6000 journals of Academic Press, Springer, Kluwer, Elsevier, Pergamon, Blackwell, IOP, Univ. Chicago Press and other publishers. It means that we can read papers in recent (usually from 1996-8 to the latest) issues of the journals.

     This service is generally available at 11 selected PC's: Mercury, Ursa, Lili (in the library), Gong, Sky, Vlbi, Theor1, Dust, Future, Quasar5, Astro (at our time service building in city).

     The issues of various astronomical journals printed from the middle of 1800 till about 1996-8 have a free access via the NASA ADS archive from any PC.

     Below you will find links to different astronomical and physical/optical journals which will allow you to reach required papers as well as links to several databases which provide access to other electronic journals. Notes at the bottom of the page describe some features of the access via Mercury and Ursa servers. The next section What's new says about recent changes of this page.

     If you have any questions concerning electronic journals, possible changes of our access to them and our plans of getting access to more journals, please feel free to contact me any time by e-mail vi2087@vi2087.spb.edu or phone 1842243 and I shall be glad to answer your questions.                           V.Il'in.

What's new:
22.10.03 The journals of Elsevier will be not accessible for some time.
The full lists of the electronic journals accessible via EBSCO and Sci.Dig.Lib are created and linked (see the bottom of the page).
30.04.03 About other events occurred in the period 4.09.00 -- 30.04.03 see history file.
03.09.00 This page was opened in WWW.

Main (most often used) Astronomical Journals (incl. some Reviews)

Other Astronomical Journals (incl. Bulletins, Publications, etc.)

Astronomical Conference Proceedings

Some Physical and Optical Journals (incl. journals of special interest for astronomers)

Electronic Journal Libraries

Some Useful Bibliographic Resources

  1. "Access only from Mercury (Ursa)" means that you must start your Internet browser (Netscape, Explorer, etc) directly at Mercury (Ursa). Here is an instruction, for more details please contact a local system manager.

  2. "Access from Ursa" allows one to work with the resource from a distant PC using any browser and the modem connection to Ursa.

  3. "Embargo 6 (12) months" for some journals in EBSCO means a 6 (12) month time interval (delay) between the appearance of a paper and that of its electronic version.

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