History of the pages

What was new:
30.04.03 Icarus and some journals of Elsevier are accessible again.
15.12.02 We selected 11 PC's at the Institute and try to provide them with the access to resources earlier reachable only from Mercury, Ursa. The selected PC's are: Mercury, Ursa, Lili (in the library), Gong, Sky, Vlbi, Theor1, Dust, Future, Quasar5, Astro (at our time service building in city).
15.10.02 More access to A&SS and Phys.Rev. Closed access to recent PASP and to ISI Citation Index.
20.09.02 Some access to A&A and A&AR as well as other Springer and IOP journals is now available via the Sci.Dig.Lib. of the RFBR.   
Access from Mercury or Ursa via the the Sci.Dig.Lib. to ISI Citation Index (probably, you will have to register at this site as a SPbU scientist).
30.08.02 Improvements and a minor rearrangement of the page. Extension of many journal availability ranges.
27.03.02 All issues of A&A Suppl (except for 2000 ones) are now available for free. Some minor updates are made too.
20.03.02 Access to MNRAS is updated and should be available from 11 computers: Ursa, Mercury, Quasar5, Lili (in the library), Gong, Sky, Vlbi, Theor2, Dust, Future, Astro (at our time service building in city). In the same way access to other resources will be extended when possible within this year.
10.03.02 Note that due the change of PCs in our net the service earlier available at Urania is now taking place at Mercury!
04.02.02 Checking of our access to all resources mentioned below is completed (special thanks to N.Voshchinnikov).
03.02.02 Access to full-text papers via EBSCO is checked and an instruction (how to reach them) is included.   Links to pages with collections of electronic Astronomical Newsletters and historical Reports, Bulletins, Annals of observatories are added too.
20.01.02 Our access to ApJ, ApJS, AJ is prolonged for 2002 (thanks to S.Marchenko).   MNRAS and Synergy should be accessible to us during the first half of 2002.   Links to Uspehi Fiz. Nauk, Vestn.RAN, Priroda and several other Russian journals are added (thanks to V.Reshetnikov).
17.12.01 During 2001 we lost access to recent issues of Astron. & Astrophys. and several less important journals.
10.01.01 Access to the electronic journals of Kluwer will be for free.
09.01.01 Apparently because of holidays, our access to electronic journals has not yet changed essentially.
15.12.00 EBSCO officials report that their database is extended and our access will soon be changed from Academic Search Elite (1360 journals) to Academic Search Premier (2330 journals). Also the data on CDs may become available at our Institute soon.
14.12.00 An information about our access to electronic journals is now available in Russian as a (TeX file).
6.12.00 The access to IEEE and MCB Univ.Press journals (no one on astronomy) will be for money, and we shall hardly get it.
30.11.00 The service available from Ursa (attention of people using home modems) is extended (and is planned to be extended further).
30.11.00 Access to more issues of the journals of Kluwer, Elsevier, etc appeared.
28.11.00 A few new minor resources (AAVSO Alerts Notic., ESA Bulletin, etc) are added.
16.11.00 A couple of new resources (e-PASJ, etc) are added.
12.11.00 At last, we have got the access to electronic journals of Springer (incl.  Astron. & Astrophys.   and   Astron. & Astrophys. Rev.).  
Note however that we shall have no (gratuitous) access to electronic  A&A  in future. In 2001 it merges with   A&A Suppl.  and will be published by EDP Sciences. No contacts with this Publisher are planned by the Russian side (the RFBR, OSI, etc).
10.11.00 Access to a few new journals (ESO Messenger,   Earth & Planet. Sci. Lett., etc.) and an extended access to a few others (Astroph. Sp. Sci.,   Solar Phys.,   Sp. Sci. Rev. , etc.) appeared.   
10.11.00 The section General information (see above) is written.
23.10.00 Link to EBSCO/EIFL is improved (sorry for the mistake).
19.10.00 We have got access to electronic journals of Blackwell (incl.  MNRAS  and  Astron. & Geophys.).
10.10.00 We have got a test access to recent issues of electronic journals of Kluwer (incl.  Astrophys. Sp. Sci.,  Cel. Mech. & Dynam. Astron.,  Experim. Astron.,  Earth, Moon & Planets,  Solar Phys.,  Space Sci. Rev.).
02.10.00 Within the EIFL project of the Open Society Institute (Soros foundation) we have got an access to a part of the EBSCO database of full-text papers in various electronic journals (incl. at the moment  Sky & TelescopeMercury,  and  Astronomy,   but  within a few months the access is expected to  Astron. & Astrophys. Rev.Astron. & Astrophys. Trans.Astrophys. Lett. & Commun.Astrophys. & Space Phys. Rev.).
17.09.00 An instruction how to run a browser from Urania appeared (see the very bottom of the page or here).
15.09.00 Access to electronic proceedings via the ADS is included as well.
03.09.00 This page was opened in WWW.

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