Some technical reports

A cooperative research grant of the INTAS

Theoretical and experimental investigations of light scattering by heterogeneous non-spherical cosmic dust grains

P.I.:   Prof. L.B.F.M. Waters

   Astronomical Institute "Anton Pannekoek", Amsterdam of Univeristy, Amsterdam, Netherlands
   Astrophysical Institute and University Observatory, Jena, Germany
   Astronomical Institute, St.Petersburg University, St.Petersburg, Russia
   Stepanov Institute of Physics BAS, Minsk, Belarus
   Astronomical Observatory, Kharkov University, Kharkov, Ukraina
   St.Petersburg State Forest Technical Academy, St.Petersburg, Russia

Period:   March, 2000 - February, 2002

   Summary  (ASCII file)
   Project text  (ASCII file)

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A cooperative research grant of the Volkswagen foundation

Light scattering by small particles: new methods and techniques

P.I.:   Prof. Thomas Henning (Jena)

   Astrophysical Institute and University Observatory, Jena, Germany
   Astronomical Institute of St.Petersburg University, St.Petersburg, Russia
   St.Petersburg University of Aerocosmic Instrumentation, St.Petersburg, Russia

Period:   August, 1997 - March, 2000 (extended)

   Zusammenfassung (in German)  (LaTeX file)
   Technical report on computer codes for Separation of variables and T-matrix methods  (LaTeX file)
   Technical report on WWW database of optical constants  (LaTeX file)
   Technical report on calculation of spheroidal wavefunctions and the eigenvalues  (LaTeX file)
   Annual report (1998)  (LaTeX file)
   Final report (2000)  (LaTeX file)

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A research grant of the Russian federal goverment

Title:   Optics and dynamics of cometary dust

P.I.:   Prof. N.V. Voshchinnikov

Period:   January, 1998 - December, 1999

   Bibliography on cometary dust researches  (a draft!)

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