Textbook on
Computer technology for pupils
by N.Ya.Sotnikova, V.B.Il'in, and A.F.Kholtygin

   Table of content
   Chapter 1. History of computers
   Chapter 2. Cumputers and information
   Chapter 3. Blocks of computer
   Chapter 4. Operation system
   Chapter 5. File system
   Chapter 6. Operations with files (NC)
   Chapter 7. File editor (NE)
   Chapter 8. Programs in Pascal
   Chapter 9. Computer viruses
   Chapter 10. Windows 95/98 system
   Chapter 11. Computer documents (Word)
   Chapter 12. Electronic tables (Excel)
   Chapter 13. Internet and WWW (Netscape)
   Chapter 14. Concluding remarks
   Recommended literature
   Answers to the questions
   Appendix A. Windows 3.1 system
   Appendix B. About the book for parents

The book in Russian was published in 2000 by the Norint Publishing Co., St.Petersburg and is available in the library of the Astronomical Institute and book-shops in St.Petersburg and other cities (book's cover and backside).
On this page you will find the first chapter and introductions and control questions from several other chapters. The authors shall be thankful for any comments.

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