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1. A.F.Kholtygin
Inhomogeneous planetary nebulae: Carbon and Oxygen abundances, Astron. Astroph., 329, 691-703 (1998)

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2. A.F.Kholtygin
Emission of the inhomogeneous plasma: line intensities and element abundances in the gaseous nebulae with Te and ne fluctuations, Astrophysics, 43, 627-640 (2000)

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3. Yu.V.Lunyova, A.F.Kholtygin
Chemica evolution of the system of galactic planetary nebulae, Astrophysics, 45, 451-463 (2002)

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4. Yu.V.Milanova, A.F. Kholtygin
Evolution of Elemental Abundances in Planetary Nebulae, Astronomy Letters, 32, 557-565 (2006)

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5. Kholtygin A.F.
UV lines in spectra of Planetary Nebulae (in russian) ,   Ultravililet Universe II, Proc. of the Conference, held in Instititute of Astronomy, May 19-20, 2006, Moscow, Eds: B.M.Shustov, M.E.Sachkov, E.A.Kilpio, M., Yanus-K, pp. 208-212 (2008)

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6. Yu.V.Milanova, A.F. Kholtygin
He, C, N, and O Abundances in an Ensemble of Galactic Planetary Nebulae, Astronomy Letters, 35, 518-533 (2009)

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