Yu.V. Milanova, A.F. Kholtygin,
UV lines in spectra of Planetary Nebulae(in russian)   in Proc. of the Conference, held in Institiute of Astronomy, May 19-20, 2008, Moscow, Ultravililet Universe II, Eds:, B.M.Shustov, M.E.Sachkov, E.A.Kilpio, M., Yanus-K, pp. 208-212 (2008)

The modern observations of planetary nebulae (PNe) are used to create a new catalogue of element abundances for galactic and extragalactic PNe. Some of these abundances, especially C ones, need to be refined. Using in the PNe's models the UV line intensities, planned to be obtained with a help of WSO-UV observatory let us to determine the precision element abundances