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Optical properties of cosmic dust analogs

N.V. Voshchinnikov

Astronomical Institute, St. Petersburg University, Bibliotechnaja pl. 2, St. Petersburg, 198904 Russia


These notes are a part of my unpublished manuscript "Optics of Cosmic Dust" (it should be published as Astrophys. & Space Physics Reviews, 2002, v.12, p.1-169, but has still not appeared till now (the manuscript is available by request to The notes in their current form concern only 2 but main for astronimy aspects of the optical properties of cosmic dust - the ability to extinct and polarize transmitted radiation. The corresponding obervational effects the extinction and polarization (not due to scattering) plaied and plays till now the primary role in astrophysical effects of cosmic dust considered in the literature. The parts devoted to other (rest) aspects - absorption/emission and scattering properties of cosmic dust analog have been prepared too, but for some reasons are not yet added to these matarials (but in future is is possible).

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