Miscellaneous - related resources

  • Other databases on optical properties of scatterers as far as we know are as follows (we shall be thankful to anyone who will provide us with more information!):
    • Database of optical properties of nonspherical oceanic particles (dead link and project?).
    • Database of optical properties of atmospheric aerosols (see Levoni et al., 1997, Appl.Opt., 36, 8031).

  • Resources containing light scattering codes to calculate the optical properties of different scatterers have been mentioned in the corresponding section.

  • Some bibliographies on light scattering including the questions of the optical properties have been referred to in the corresponding section.

  • There are newsletters on electromagnetic and light scattering by paticles which includes information about new books, meetings, computer codes, funding opportunities, job announcements, abstarcts of papers, etc.

  • Deatiled information on conferences on light scattering and wider topics appear in the large list supported by EMLib (dead link?).

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