Bibliography on light scattering

  1. Our WWW database contains over 8000 references to papers on various aspects of light scattering theory and its applications and allows a user both browsing and searching. The database was developed by B.A.Babenko (Stepanov Physics Institute) and designed by S.A.Beletsky (Kharkov Univ.).

  2. P.Flatau's collection of references cite useful books, many dissertations and papers (with abstracts) of the 50s--90s devided in several categories: DDA, TMM, (layered) spheres, (infinite and finite) cylinders, spheroids, clusters of spheres, ADA, GO and RT/MCM. Rather cool.

  3. Th.Wriedt's site bisides the famous list of light scattering codes provides also a lot of useful bibliographic infiormation. The link Book from the left menu opens a good list on recent books on light scattering. The link Classic Paper leads to new pages devoted to historical paper (and generally history?) of light scattering theory. At last Wriedt Online Papers presents a possibility to get full-text papers recently (after 1996) published by Th.Wriedt and his coauthors on various aspects of light scattering theory.

  4. presents over 500 book on the topics Optical Properties by the request. You can sort this list and find realy good books there.

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