Minsk bibliography on light scattering

This is alpha-version.
The database contains over 8000 references to papers devoted to various aspects of light scattering by small particles - from exact and approximate methods to calculate the optical properties of scatterers of different shapes and structures to the optical constants and very special questions of light scattering theory and its applications.

Definitely, it is impossible to collect references to all papers on light scattering as their number is enormous and quickly growing. The aim of the database is to cover as wide scope as possible and thoroughly classify the references for a user to be provided with a good start bibliography for practically any investigation on the light scattering theory and its various applications.

Another feature of the database is inclusion of a large number of papers published in the former Soviet Union journals and conference proceedings. These references are given in Russian but by Latin letters to become readable by any browser (i.e. without Cyrillic fonts).

The database was created in the nineties by Victor Babenko from the Stepanov Institute of Physics (Minsk, Belarus), and he continues to maintain it. This on-line version of the database allows one to browse the reference collection and to search it for papers using a keyword.

1990,2001 Victor Babenko (Bibliography compiling)
2001 Serge Beletsky (Design & Programming)

Last updated: 2003/03/03