Dependence of the optical properties on scatterer parameters

  1. Our basic graphic library will show changes of various light scattering charcteristics with the particle composition (refractive index independent of the wavelength), shape (spheres, cylinders, spheroids), and structure (in the form of layers) The figures probably will be supplied with methodological notes (under preparation).

  2. A more deep insight into the matter in the case of astronomical applications is given in a review prepared by N.Voshchinnikov (a PostScript version is here). He considers some practical aspects of dependences of the optical properties of cosmic dust analogs on their parameters.

  3. A database containing information about the interstellar extinction and polarization curves observed in a wide spectral range from the ultraviolet to infrared for stars located in different regions of the Galaxy and Magellanic Clouds is available here.

  4. First results of a systemtic study as well as a detailed comparison of different optical characteristics (cross-sections, phase function, etc.) of some complex shape and structure scatterers and their optical models are presented here and here. Illustrations are given for porous particles with conclusions being drawn in accessible papers.

  5. First massive review of optical characteristics (cross-sections, phase function, etc.) of nonspherical scatterers having different size, shape, structure and porosity is given here. In over 670 figures we compare the properties of layered and same shape homogeneous (EMT) spheroids and Chebyshev particles of astronomical silicate.
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