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of small particles


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Some basic information:

What's new at the DOP?
A list of last changes is

What is in the database?
The DOP contains:
  i) original codes realizing different methods to calculate the optical properties of non-spherical (inhomogeneous) particles;
  ii) reviews of exact and approximate methods of light scattering theory;
  iii) a database of several tausends references to papers on various aspects of light-scattering theory and its applications;
  iv) a graphics library illustrating light scattering by particles of different sizes/shapes/structures (a part of the data are in tabular form to serve as benchmarks);
  v) a special tool to calculate on-line selected optical characteristics of different scatterers (homogeneous and core-mantle spheres, infinitely long cylinders, spheroids, etc.);
  vi) a self-training algorithm of determination of the optical properties of fractal-like clusters;
  vii) a collection of links to related internet resources.

How is the database organized?
The general structure of the DOP is simple - just one menu page with links to the sections. The tools used are also very limitted - CGI and Perl, no Java, JavaScript, etc. were utilized to avoid any browser problems.

What for was the database developed?
The DOP should help investigators to solve a wide spectrum of problems in various scientific and industrial applications of light scattering theory as well as serve as an educational tool for high schools.

Who created the database?
The database was developed by V.B.Il'in and N.V.Voshchinnikov (Astronomical Institute of St.Petersburg University, Russia), V.A.Babenko (Stepanov Institute of Physics, Minsk, Belarus), S.A.Beletsky (Astronomical Observatory of Kharkov University, Ukraina) with a help from other participants of the
INTAS grant 1999/652. The essential contribution was made by N.G.Khlebtsov (Saratov State University, Russia).
The authors acknowledge a support from the INTAS Program, the Russian federal program "Astronomy", the Russian Ministry of Education, and the RFBR to the scientific school of V.V.Sobolev.

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