What's new at the DOP

09.02.15 The light scattering code for homogenious cylinders of large sizes is added. New version of code is here.
27.12.13 The observational data of some globules are placed in new section of DOP. The light scattering codes for homogenious and multilayered spheroids are essentially modified. Updated versions of codes are here and here.
21.11.10 The new section with data about gas phase abundances of O, Mg, Si, and Fe for 196 directions is added. Interstellar extinction and polarization: some theoretical results are presented.
17.11.09 The original graphic library with optical properties of non-spherical particles with different shapes and structure is available.
23.12.08 New section about optical properties of particles with non-Rayleigh inclusions is added.
15.12.07 Two new sections are added. Optical properties of porous particles and Database of interstellar extinction and polarization curves.
11.05.03 Essential extension of nearly all sections. Text PostScript files are transformed into HTML-pages. Minsk bibliography is fully accessible. Kharkov perceptron codes are available too. Release of the 2nd version of the DOP.
05.04.03 Further improvements of RT and BIBL (inclusion the Minsk database) sections. PERC and OPTC sections are completed (but JPDOC may be strongly updated soon).
10.03.03 Release of alpha version of the whole database (though many sections are still under construction).
05.03.03 Release of alpha version of the bibliograpic section (full volume).
2000-2002 Developement of the general design of the DOP and its sections.
01.06.00 Start of developement of the DOP.
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