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Database of Optical Properties

of small particles


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Some basic information:

What's new at the DOP?
A list of last changes will be here.

What for is the database developed?
Both for studies and researches.

What is in the database?
Various optical properties in the tabular and graphics forms and related information with an accent on non-spherical scatterers.

How is the database organized?
Hierarchy structure of HTML pages and program tools used (Perl+CGI or JavaScript?, Paradox??).

Who created the database?
V.I., M.P. (SPb Univ.), T.W. (SPb For. Acad.), X.X. (Khar. Univ.) with contributions from other participants of the INTAS grant 99/652.
Acknowledgements: INTAS Program, Russian federal program Astronomy, etc.

Created by V.I.
Last modified: 17/10/00, V.I.

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