MIDAS release 97NOVpl2.0 for Linux 2.0.28 or higher

Copyright Notice:
ESO-MIDAS: Copyright by European Southern Observatory. 

Permission to use, copy, and distribute the contents of this directory, for
non-commerical purposes, is hereby granted without fee, provided that this
license information and copyright notice appear in all copies.

ESO - Data Management Division

Contents of this directory:

README.linux_elf	# This file
Hardware-HOWTO.Z	# Linux Hardware Compatiblity List.  16.Jul.95
linux.faq.Z		# Frequently Asked Questions about Linux. 08.May.95
verify.tar.Z		# MIDAS verification procedures (optional)
calib.tar.Z		# All calibration data already installed (optional)
demo.tar.Z		# All demo data already installed (optional)
97NOVpl2.0.tar.gz	# MIDAS 97NOV patch level 2.0 already installed and 
			# without sources, for Linux 2.0.28 (Slackware 
			# distribution but also verified to run on RedHat 4.2)
[00-13].97NOVpl2.0.tar.gz # The previous file in 1.44 MB chunks.

Installing MIDAS:
- Minimum Hardware required to run MIDAS:

	- 486 CPU, but probably also works on 386.
	- Minimun of 8 Mbytes of RAM, but 16 Mbytes is recommended.
	- 30 Mbytes of disk for MIDAS.
	- VGA, or Super-VGA monitor.
	- Linux 2.0.28 or higher

- Retrieve the binary files of the compressed-tar release of MIDAS:

    - Create the HOME directory for MIDAS code . 
    - Go to the HOME directory, 
       % cd 

    - From ftp:  	ftp> bin
                	ftp> get 97NOVpl2.0.tar.gz

  	Or if this file is to big for a single transfer, 
	try the splitted ones:

	ftp> prompt
	ftp> mget ??.97NOVpl2.0.tar.gz

    - From disquettes:
	% tar xvf /dev/fd0		

- Re-assemble the original 97NOVpl2.0.tar.gz file from the chunks (which
  conveniently fits on one 1.44 Mybte floppy each):

	% cat ??.97NOVpl2.0.tar.gz > 97NOVpl2.0.tar.gz
	% rm ??.97NOVpl2.0.tar.gz

- Rename or remove a previous release of MIDAS previously installed with
  the same name 97NOV.

- Decompress and untar MIDAS binaries and patches (if available):

	% zcat 97NOVpl2.0.tar.gz | tar xf -
	% zcat patch97NOVpl2.1.tar.gz | tar xf -
	% rm 97NOVpl2.0.tar.gz patch97NOVpl2.1.tar.Z

  Do the same with all other .tar.Z files that you wish to use.

- Make MIDAS front-end scripts available:

   As a normal user, you can make the following  aliases, and you can include
   them in your .profile or equivalent:

	% alias inmidas=/97NOV/system/unix/inmidas
	% alias gomidas=/97NOV/system/unix/gomidas
	% alias helpmidas=/97NOV/system/unix/helpmidas
   Or as superuser:

        # cd /usr/local/bin
        # ln -s /97NOV/system/unix/inmidas
        # ln -s /97NOV/system/unix/gomidas
        # ln -s /97NOV/system/unix/helpmidas

- As superuser create the soft link /midas: 

	# ln -s / /midas

- Make MIDAS man-pages available (as superuser):

  Create /usr/man/manl if it does not exist:

	# mkdir /usr/man/manl

  Copy MIDAS man-pages to /usr/man/manl

	# cd /97NOV/system/unix/manl
	# cp *.l /usr/man/manl

- To run MIDAS, simply type:

	% inmidas		(to start a MIDAS session)
	% gomidas    		(to resume a previous stopped MIDAS session)

- Demo and tutorial data already installed are in the files demo.tar.Z and
  calib.tar.Z. They can also be obtained in the "/midaspub/demo" and 
  "/midaspub/calib" subdirectories in this ftp account.
  For on-line help, simply type HELP in response to the MIDAS prompt.

- MIDAS documentation in DVI and PostScript format can be obtained in
  the "/midaspub/97NOV/doc" directory.

- Verification procedures for MIDAS are available in the file "verify.tar.Z".
  To run the verification procedures, type:

	% cd 
	% zcat verify.tar.Z | tar xf -
        % mkdir tmp
	% cd tmp
	% inmidas 
	Midas 001> @ vericopy
   to execute all of them:
	Midas 002> @@ veriall
   to execute one bye one:
	Midas 003> @@ verify1
	Midas 003> @@ verify2
	Midas 003> @@ verify3
	Midas 003> @@ verify4
	Midas 004> @@ verify5
	Midas 005> @@ verify6
	Midas 006> @@ verify7
	Midas 006> @@ verify8
	Midas 008> @@ verifyt1
	Midas 009> @@ verifyt2
	Midas 007> @@ verifydio
	% cd ..
	% rm -rf tmp

- To remove unnecessary MIDAS packages:

	% cd /97NOV/install/unix
	% cleanm 
	               MIDAS DELETE MENU:
        1 - Delete only object files.
        2 - Delete object and source files.
        3 - Delete object, source files and libraries.
        4 - Delete executable files.
        q - Quit.


	Type  to quit or  to list again.
	Select NAME to DELETE: 

- Optional: Calibration and Demo data already installed.

  Most tutorials in MIDAS require the demo data (not included in the
  release). Calibration data contains files with ESO specific instruments
  like Filters and CCDs.

     % cd 
     % zcat demo.tar.Z | tar xmvf -
    % zcat calib.tar.Z | tar xmvf -  - Best of success an enjoy MIDAS!.

Technical Support and Network Services
User support is offered to users affiliated with registered ESO-MIDAS sites.
For site registration please use the ESO-MIDAS Registration Form  in
http://http.hq.eso.org/midas-info/midas-registerform.html. We can provide help
for problems, questions during installation or usage of the MIDAS system. If 
answers to questions cannot be obtained locally (e.g. through the manuals) or 
after consulting our FAQ, please feel free to contact us for support.

        - Electronic mail: midas@eso.org (Internet)
        - Post: Data Management Division - User Support Group.
                Karl-Schwarzschild-Strasse 2,
                D-85748 Garching bei Muenchen  Germany
        - Telephone: +49-89-32006456
        - Telefax:   +49-89-3202362

Other public services:

        - Anonymous ftp: ftphost.hq.eso.org (
        - WWW          : http://http.hq.eso.org/midas-info/midas.html
        - mailing lists: 
             midas-announce (for official announcements)
             midas-users    (for general discussion).
          To subscribe send an e-mail to "midas-announce-request"
          or "midas-users-request" with the text "subscribe" in
          the body of the mail.