I N F O R M A T I O N L E T T E R No. 1


Atomic and Molecular Data For astrophysics

Organizing Committee

Colloquim information

The planned colloquium is attached to JENAM-2000, so we supply in this

Information letter a short description on the meeting.

JENAM stays for "Joint European and National Astronomical Meting".

From May 29 through June 3, 2000 Moscow will host the 9th Meeting of

European Astronomical Society (EAS) jointly with the 5th General Assembly

of Euro-Asian Astronomical Society (EAAS). The Meeting is open for

all astronomers. Its scientific program covers the basic fields of

astronomy and astrophysics.

During the Conference, both the fundamental astronomical knowledge and

the exciting new results in experimental and theoretical astrophysics

will be presented by experts in the field. We anticipate that the

Conference will provide new prospects for current research and a first

class opportunity to European astronomers to strengthen their bonds.


Presently, astrophysics is one of the most important fields of

application of spectroscopic data. It is planned to use the opportunity

presented by the colloquium for discussions on the modern methods of

obtaining experimentally and theoretically of a vast bulk of atomic and

molecular data for various astrophysical problems and the ways how to

use them.

The problems to be discussed are the following:

1. Excitation and ionization of atoms and molecules by electrons, protons

and heavier particles.

2. Dielectronic recombination and autoionization.

3. Banks and catalogues of atomic data in the Internet.

4. Codes for calculation of atomic and molecular parameters.

5. Use of atomic data in astrophysics: diagnostics of astrophysical plasma.

Main attention will be attracted to two directions of research.

1. Comparison of different approximations in calculation of the cross

sections for excitation and ionization of atoms, molecules and their

ions by electrons and protons for wide energy intervals, and for

numerous sets of the target states, including transitions between

highly excited states, and ionization cross sections from these states,

aimed at choosing most adequate approximations for the problem under


Comparative merits and drawbacks of such approaches as Born and

Born-Coulomb approximations, Distorted Wave approximations, Close

Coupling and R-matrix approximations and semiclassical approaches will

be considered.

2. Development of the methods of diagnostics of astrophysical plasma,

in particular of plasma with density and temperature fluctuations.

Construction of the methods of determination of differential emission

measure for the low density plasma.

It is also planned to discuss the possibility to organize a periodic

electronic journal "Atomic and molecular data for astrophysics".

In this journal the abstracts of the papers accepted for publication

in the fields of obtaining and using the atomic and molecular data

will be presented, together with the information how to get these

data. Scientific news will be also present: new catalogues and atomic

data banks or their essential modifications, conferences and meetings

in the fields of the atomic and molecular spectroscopy, new methods

and programs.


This Connected colloquium is organized as a part of the joint

JENAN-2000 meeting. The detail information on the meeting can be found at

the JENAM-2000 WEB pages:





The Registration and accommodation are common both for main JENAM-2000

meeting and all Connected Colloquia. All potential participants should

fill in some or all of the forms:

Registration form

Visa support form

Payment form

REGISTRATION FORM can be submitted (highly desirable) through the WEB-page

URL: http://www.inasan.rssi.ru/INASAN/JENAM/registrat.html

or e-mail (if you can not reach the web page - please, request the form via

the contact address). The completed Registration form should be sent to:



There exists two types of the registration fees. The first is paid by those

colloquium participants who plan to participate in JENAM-2000 as well. The

information on this type of fees can be found on the main JENAM-2000 page

on given above addresses.

Those of the participants who are going to participate in the colloquium


will paid a reduced fees, which values in Swiss Francs (CHF) are presented


the following table:


Early Registration (until March 15, 2000 (CHF)

Late Registration (after March 15, 2000 (CHF)




EAS Ordinary Member



EAS Junior Member



Accompanying Person



The reduced as well as late registration fee should be paid in cash

at the registration desk.


Russian visa is required for participants and accompanying persons from most

non-CIS countries. Please apply for visa not later

than 2 months before the start of your visit. To facilitate getting visa,

the visa support form should be completed and sent by e-mail or by fax.

This form can be downloaded from JENAM-2000 WEB page as an ASCII or ps-file.


There are two versions of the form: for participants from New Independent

States (NIS, i.e. those from CIS and Baltic Countries) and for non-NIS

participants. You can download ASCII or PS-file of this form from the

JENAM-2000 Web pages. You should to print it out, complete, sign and send

by ordinary mail or fax as indicated in the form. Moreover, the possibility

of sending the Payment form via e-mail is considered. Please, contact with

LOC for detail.

Important: The payment form should fit in one page!


Rooms have been reserved in the hotels which are reachable by public

transportation from the Moscow University within 30 minutes.

The list of the hotels and the conference cite map are available through the

conference WEB pages. Participants who would like to make use of this

arrangement should fill in the corresponding part of the registration form

and submit it before March 15, 2000.


A limited number of participants (mainly, the young ones) will receive

financial support to attend the JENAM-2000 meeting upon the decision of

scientific sections' conveners and LOC. A filling in the Registration

form for the main JENAM-2000 meeting is mandatory for receiving the support.

To apply for the financial support, please indicate it in the registration

form before March 15, 2000.

If you plan to participate in the Colloquium only and need a support for

your travel and living expenses, please, contact with A.F.Kholtygin (see

e-mail address at the end of the document). The SOC plan to receive financial

aid specially to facilitate the attending Colloquium for participants from

Russia and NIS.


The contributions to the colloquium can be presented in 5th forms:

Invited Lecture (40 m), Oral (20 m), Short Oral (10 m), Poster and Internet

Presentation). The last is the full text of the report from those of the

potential participants, who will be unable to arrive to the meeting in

the planned dates. The reports of those participants will be put at the

WEB page of the meeting and may be found at

URL: http://www.astro.spbu.ru/staff/afk/AtDatCenter/COLL2000/coll2000.html

Organizing committee plan to provide a vast time for discussion.

The poster and Internet posters are planned to be also included in this



Please, follow this instruction in filling the Form.

1) If you want to submit more than one Abstract please fill this form

as many times as you need.

2) If you want just to express your interest to the section, please,

type "No presentation " in the Title field.

3) Please send the abstracts to Vitali.Ochkur or Alexander Kholtygin

(see addresses in the end of the letter)


Scientific section/attached event: (in our case it is CC3 )

Oral or Poster

Title: (less than 150 symbols)


Author(s): (less than 10;

e.g. Ivanov I.I., Johns J., Gunter G., Perez, P. et al.)

Text: (less than 1200 symbols; use TEX format for formulae)




March 15, 2000 - Early registration fee deadline

March 15, 2000 - Abstract submission deadline

March 15, 2000 - Financial assistance request deadline





Alexander F. Kholtygin

Astronomical Institute of St.Petersburg University,

Bibliotechnaya pl. 2,

198904 Petrodvotretz, St.Petersburg,Russia

fax: + 7 812 428-7129

e-mail: Alexander.Kholtygin@paloma.spbu.ru or afk@astro.spbu.ru

Vitali I.Ochkur

Physical Institute of St.Petersburg University,

Ulyasnovskaya ul., 1,

198904 Petrodvotretz, St.Petersburg,Russia

e-mail: Vitali.Ochkur@pobox.spbu.ru




Sternberg Astronomical Institute,

Universitetskij prosp., 13,

199899, Moscow, Russia,

FAX: +7 095 932-8844

e-mail: nk@sai.msu.ru