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Light scattering code collections

This page will present links and brief descriptions of several light scattering code collections:
  • The page of Th.Wriedt gives the most full list of available light scattering codes. The links to original sites with the codes are divided in the following groups: Separation of Variables, T-matrix, Point Matching, Generalized Multipole, Method of Moments, Volume Integral, Time Domain, Finite Element, Ray Tracing Methods. There is a bibliography (mostly the papers written by Th.Wriedt and his coauthors).

  • The page of P.Flatau provides access to many light scattering codes for homogeneous spheres, coated and multi spheres, homogeneous spheroids, infinitely long cylinders as well as to several codes based on the T-matrix Method, Descrite Dipole Approximation, Anomalous Diffraction Approximation. There is also a bibliography on the topics.

  • The page of the Numerical Electromagnetics Codes Library (EMLib) contains ... (dead link?)

  • The page of the Electromagnetic Compatibility Lab. of Univ. Missouri-Rolla (EMCLAB) contains links to several numerical codes based on different approaches to solution of the 2D/3D light scattering problems.

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