Exact and approximate computational methods

  1. Our survey of the exact methods of light scattering theory compares some properties of various methods and briefly discusses their similarities and differences. We give some basic references, including those to available codes realizing the methods and to other recent reviews. The page is under construction.

  2. A review prepared by N.G.Khlebtsov (Saratov State Univ., Russia) and kindly sent to us is unique due to a very careful consideration of history of development of the light scattering methods. The review considers only a few methods but does it very good and completely enough (there are given over 500 references). A feature of the review is inclusion of works published in the former Soviet Union journals. At the moment the review is in Russian, but its English translation is in progress. A PostScript version of the review is here (300K).

  3. Another review of N.G.Khlebtsov is more suitable for students or beginners. This review being deep enough is clear and short. Again at the moment it is in Russian, but its English translation is under discussion.

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