Experimental approaches in light scattering

  1. Our introductory notes will briefly describes these approaches and give references to recent reviews.

  2. The database on experiments of light (441.6 and 632.8 nm) scattering by small mineral particles performed in the laboratory of Univ. of Amsterdam contains figures and tables of scattering matrix elements as functions of the scattering angle (theta = 5-173) at both wavelengths, figures and tables of the size distributions measured with the laser diffraction method, electron microscope images of the particles, information on their origin and composition/complex refractive index as well as the experimental setup used.

  3. The database on microwave light scattering experiments at Univ. Florida describes the available facilities, presents data obtained during several years of the experiments with homogeneous and core-mantle aggregates (performed to study their optical properties, to check effecive medium theory, etc.), and lists the related publications of the group.

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