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Он-лайн семинар Кафедры астрофизики

В четверг, 18 марта 2021, состоится семинар Кафедры астрофизики в он-лайн формате

Повестка дня

А.В. Мосенков (ГАО РАН) "Exploring the Low Surface Brightness Universe"


Despite the wealth of observational data due to multiple full or partial-sky surveys, the low surface brightness Universe remains almost completely unexplored. In the last decade there has been significant progress in developing optical systems, detector technology, clever observational strategies, and data reduction techniques, to obtain deep imaging of very good quality. While the Dragonfly survey has attained success, they have done so with a system that is costly in capital and operation. In this talk, I will present our new results in low surface brightness imaging based on data from two dedicated 0.7m telescopes in California, US, and in Israel, and several popular sky surveys, the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS), including the deep Stripe 82, and the DESI Legacy Imaging Surveys. By enhancing the depth of these data, we are able to study very faint details (tidal tails and streams, plums, bridges, envelopes) around galaxies in the Local Universe. I pay special attention to describing the outer shapes of galaxies viewed edge-on and galaxies with polar structures.


Время. Начало в 11:15.

Место. Семинар будет проведен с помощью Zoom.

Приглашаются студенты старших курсов, аспиранты, сотрудники Кафедры и Астрономического отделения.