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Семинар Кафедры небесной механики

Во вторник, 4 февраля 2020 г., состоится семинар кафедры.

                                                                                  Повестка дня:

  • Доклад Даниеля Хестроффера "Asteroids and other Small Bodies of the Solar system".
  • Разное.


Начало в 11 час. 15 мин.                                                            Ауд. 3128

Краткая справка:

Asteroids and other small bodies in the Solar System are of high general and scientific interest in many aspects, with for instance space missions ready to return samples to the Earth and understand the origin and formation of our Solar system. Some Near-Earth asteroids show some threat of possible impact with the Earth in some future. Even ideas of industrial exploitation have merged during the last years. Future space mission projects will undoubtedly target some asteroids or other SBSS.

In all theses cases knowledge of the mass of the celestial body, its internal structure, and behaviour to external force and mechanical interaction is crucial. A large proportion of such bodies is moreover believed to consist of gravitational aggregates (rubble piles) with no, or low, internal cohesion, with varying macro-porosity, with varying surface properties (from smooth regolith covered terrain, to very rough collection of boulders), with varying topography (cratering, depressions, ridges), etc.

I will present different techniques to determine asteroids masses and review the general scheme of granular systems applied to planetary science, and some recent results in the field covered by an international team at ISSI. I will also present a concept of space mission with nano-satellites BIRDY for doing planetary geodesy and probing the interior of asteroids and other irregular satellites.

Daniel HESTROFFER IMCCE/Paris observatory, université PSL

Pr. Daniel Hestroffer engineer degree from the ENSAM college (1987), PhD (in astronomy, celestial mechanics and space geodesy,1994) is a senior astronomer at the IMCCE institute from Paris observatory, France. He joined the Paris observatory, after post-doctoral experiences at ESA/ESTEC space agency centre (The Netherlands) and Turin observatory (OATo, Italy). Former director of IMCCE, he is presently the president of IAU division A - "Fundamental Astronomy". Specialist of space astrometry and dynamical planetology of Small Solar System Bodies, he participated to the Hipparcos mission, and is now actively involved in the Gaia survey space mission. He is leader of the ISSI international team “Asteroids & Self-Gravitating Bodies as Granular Systems”, PI of the BIRDY CubeSat developed at CCERES centre, a deep-space nano-satellite concept to probe the interior of small bodies.